Invited Talks

2024-02-28   Data for Good at Meta, Partner Lightning Talk (new)

Poverty Map Inference and Strategic Transferability using Multimodal Data [slides] (virtual) 

2023-11-22   AI-GAP Workshop, L'Aquila, Italy

Network Fairness: Its Ethical Issues and Conflicts [slides

2023-06-29   University of Passau

Towards Sustainable Development Goals via Algorithm Auditing & Impact Assessment [slides

2022-01-12   Corvinus University, BCE NETi Lab 

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of inferring high-resolution poverty maps with multimodal data [slides] (virtual)

2021-07-29   Facebook, Core Data Science 

Explaining and Improving Machine Learning Outcomes on Networks and Multimodal Data [slides] (virtual)

2020-10-02   ESPOL, WiDS 

Estructura de Redes y su Influencia en Machine Learning [slides] (virtual, español)






Since January 2022, I'm a postdoc at the Network Inequality group at the Complexity Science Hub (CSH) in Vienna. My research at the CSH is part of the Humanized Algorithms project where we want to understand the extent to which the structure of networks biases the outcomes of network-based algorithms. The goal is to propose fairer outcomes---for both minorities and majorities---with or without algorithm interventions. I'm working with Fariba Karimi.

Since January 2021, I'm a postdoc at the Department of Network and Data Science at Central European University (CEU). My research at CEU is part of the SoBigData++ project. In particular, we are interested in producing high-resolution poverty maps using deep learning and multimodal data (e.g., satellite images and mobility networks). The goal is to understand the strengths and limitations of multimodal data and propose interventions (e.g., when data is missing) to accurately predict wealth within and across countries. I'm working with Márton Karsai and János Kertész

Doctorate (Dr. rer. nat)

In 2022, I defended my PhD. in Computer Science at the University of Koblenz in Germany. During my PhD. I was also a Research Assistant at GESIS - The Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences where I joined the Data Science group at the Computational Social Science Department. I worked together with my supervisors Claudia Wagner and Markus Strohmaier. I also had the privilege of working with Fariba Karimi, Florian Lemmerich and Philipp Singer

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Master in Computer Science

In 2014, I got my Master's of Science (Computer Science) degree at the University of Saarland in Saarbrücken, Germany, where I expanded my knowledge in Information Retrieval, Data mining and Databases. I joined the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems in 2013 to work on my Master's thesis where I leveraged user attributes and behaviors in order to discover topical context in conversations from Twitter. I worked together with my supervisor Krishna Gummadi and colleagues Juhi Kulshrestha, Bilal Zafar and Saptarshi Gosh.

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Engineer in Computer Science

In 2010, I got my Engineer'sdegree in Computer Science at Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral in Guayaquil, Ecuador where my major studies were focused on Software Engineering, Programming and Human-Computer Interaction. I joined Centro de Tecnologias de Informacion (CTI) as a developer and research assistant to work in several projects including my bachelor's thesis, an Online Social Network based on Liferay, under the supervision of Xavier Ochoa. During this time I also launched my own software development company neoBOX S.A., where I was the President and CTO until 2020.

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